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How Do I Clean My Hair?

Posted by Aqila Augusta on

What products and steps do I need to keep my hair and hair follicles clean?


When applying Edge Entity, it is extremely important to apply to clean scalp and unclogged pores.

When the hair pores on your head are clogged it means that dirt, germs, or oil have collected on the scalp and seeped into your pores. The pile-up of grease and dirt that has accumulated in your scalp’s pores act like any other blockage you would find in a backed-up sink, shower drain or garbage disposal: it prevents the scalp from doing its job. As a result,

  • the chances of developing an infection increase
  • hair follicles are suffocated, as hair is unable to break through the oily mess to rise to the surface
  • bacteria is attracted to the hot-spot of oil and dirt, which may lead to inflammation in the hair follicle


Whether the hair follicles just become suppressed from your clogged pores or infection occurs too, you may suffer from hair loss. Getting those pores unclogged quick should be top priority!

Healthy and clean hair follicles are important for maintaining healthy hair and promoting hair growth. Without proper cleansing, buildup from styling products, oil and dead skin cells can accumulate on your scalp, causing flaking, a greasy appearance and slower hair growth. Your hair follicles are attached to a sebaceous gland, which is responsible for producing the natural oils on your scalp. When your hair follicles become clogged or dirty, you may experience an overproduction of oil. Luckily, you can clean your hair follicles without expensive or time-intensive remedies.

Clarifying shampoos help to cleanse your scalp of excess buildup, debris and oils. According to stylist Lisa Akbari in her book, "Every Woman's Guide to Beautiful Hair at Any Age," shampooing with a clarifying shampoo regularly can keep your scalp healthy and prevent the hair follicles from becoming polluted with buildup and oil. If your hair and scalp are oily, you may need to shampoo more frequently to prevent oil buildup. Clarifying shampoos should be alternated with regular shampoo, as they contain strong cleaning agents that are too harsh for regular use. People with normal to oily hair types can benefit from shampooing with a clarifying shampoo once weekly. Here are some examples of some below.


1. Mixed Chicks- Curl defining, Sulfate-Free, Wash and Go

2. Joico K-PAK-Removes hard water build up, does not strip oils

3.Aubrey Organics- All-natural, deep-cleanses with ginseng extract and organic Matcha green tea

4.Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural-Paraben & Dye Free. Anti Residue

5. Kinky Curly Come Clean-Shea Butter and Sulfate-Free

6.Shea Moisture African Black Soap-  4A, Very Coily, Senegalese Twists, Afro-textured hair. Best Clarifying shampoo for TransitioningAfrican American hair

7.Shea Moisture African Purification Hair Masque-All naturals. Also for dry, itchy and flaking scalp. Regulates sebum. This masque provides AWESOME slip!

Clarifying shampoos get a bad reputation for their tendency to dry out the hair. But really, they are just doing their job-lifting stubborn styling and finishing products from the hair! So when should you use a clarifying shampoo?

Most people can benefit from using a clarifying shampoo occasionally. the surfactant ratio in the formula is sufficient.

You need to use a clarifying shampoo if any of the following scenarios apply to you:

1. Your hair is really oily.

If your hair is naturally oily, then clarifying will be useful to you. It will keep your hair fresh, clean and oil-free and won’t leave you feeling weighed down. Because clarifying shampoos can be drying, always follow them with a light conditioner to soften the hair.

2. You’ve been using lots of oils, heavy conditioners, edge control and finishing products

Products that are not water-soluble, like heavy oils and silicone-based ingredients that are found in everyday conditioners, moisturizers, mousses, gels, serums and hairsprays, can build up on the hair and cause it to feel limp, icky and lifeless. A regular moisturizing shampoo won’t be able to lift these stubborn ingredients. You’ll need to use a clarifying shampoo to remedy this build-up.

3. You’ve been swimming.

Chlorine and salt residue from swimming in pools or hanging out at the beach can really damage your hair if they are not removed promptly. Combine them with sun, and the damage is multiplied. A clarifying shampoo will help you get your hair back to normal after chlorine exposure and will prevent unnecessary damage to the hair.


4. None of your products are working.

When silicone and oils from your hair products build up on your hair, they may cause your favorite shampoos, conditioners and other products to “stop working.” Your shampoo might not lather properly, and your hair might feel weighed down after deep conditioning. The problem is simply product build-up. Whenever products you know are good just stop working, don’t toss them out. Clarify your hair to remove the build-up.

5. It’s been a month since you’ve last used a clarifying shampoo.

Clarifying your hair can be done as a monthly refresher, and it will give your hair a fresh clean slate for products each month. I’ve found that after about a month, my hair begins to get a coated, weighed down feeling. Clarifying at least once a month can remedy this. If you use oily or sticky products like serums, regular oils, gels and heavy pomades frequently throughout the week, then you may find that clarifying weekly is a better option. If your hair is naturally oily, then daily clarifying can be beneficial.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse!  

Apple cider vinegar stimulates your hair follicles, helps to clean clogged pores and follicles, and prevents dandruff. Dandruff and flaking of the scalp are often caused by bacteria that clogs the hair follicles. Rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar may help to kill the bacteria, leaving your scalp clean and healthy, and giving your hair extra shine. Researchers recommend pouring full-strength apple cider vinegar on your scalp, then wrapping your hair with a towel before shampooing to help clarify your scalp and keep your follicles clean. This remedy can be used on an as-needed basis until the condition of your scalp improves.

Aloe for Hair Loss and Clean Pores? Tell Me How!

Usually at the first signs of an oily, dry or dandruffy scalp you’d go running to your local drugstore or supermarket for a specific shampoo on the shelves.  What if I told you there was an all-natural alternative to clean out your pores?  Aloe can keep your pores squeaky clean and functioning properly with none of the chemicals. Using aloe shampoo and conditioner or even rinsing your hair with an aloe-infused water, can stop that germy build-up. By tackling the oily, dirty mess on your scalp, aloe

  • allows your head to breath again
  • frees hair to push through pores and grow easier
  • prevents infection or inflammation

Aloe is also a dandruff-fighting wizard, so if that’s what making your pores clogged, aloe can take care of it.

Aloe for hair loss! Pass it on!

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    Hi My Name is Veronica, I used your product and I just love it. I see baby hair where it was stubborn to grow. (Wonderful Product.)I wanted to know if I could order online. Thks

  • Rachel on

    Thank you for this information. Ik experiencing lots of hair loss due to alopecia. Now realize these factors can attribute to the loss.

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