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8 Reasons Your Edges May be Thinning

Posted by Aqila Augusta on

8 Reasons Your Edges May be Thinning

Thinning edges are a recurring issue for many  women but it can be hard to pinpoint a culprit. Here are 8 possible reasons why your edges are thinning.

1. You style your hair too much and you don’t let your edges rest enough

Edges are among the most fragile parts of your hair, and the pulling and grabbing naturally involved in styling, whether weaving, gluing, or in recent times lace frontal units  can put strain on them. If you use a wig as a protective style, be mindful of the band that is placed at the front of your hairline. Sometimes a protective barrier such as a turban, scarf, or dome cap may provide protection for your hairline while wearing a wig. If you notice that your edges are beginning to stress, try keeping your hair in a protective or low maintenance style for a few weeks while applying Edge Entity twice daily and you will start to see small, soft hairs poking through, then your edges are making a comeback. 

2. Your hair is very fine

Fine haired naturals have a harder time with certain things — and edges are one of them. If your strands are fragile and prone to breakage, then you need a gentle hair styling and maintenance routine. Or on the side of LESS when it comes to manipulating your hair and edges.

3. You cornrow, flat twist and pull your ponytails too tight

Yes, we all want our edges to look ‘sharp’ and ‘sleek’, but we also have to be realistic. If your hair is very kinky or coily, then the likelihood is that your edges will also have a bit of texture and fuzz to them. If you want laid down edges, try applying shea butter then wrapping your edges with a scarf at night. This should lay them down and smooth them without the use of excessive pulling.

4. Your headband and/or bonnet are doing damage

Any hair accessory of tool with tension or elastic can do possible damage to your edges. If the elastic of your satin bonnet is creating bald spots, try pulling it down further on your head, or even over your ears. Headbands can also do damage if they’re too tight or used excessively. Figure out how much your hair edges can take, and adjust your usage accordingly.

5. You have post partum shedding and hair loss

Post partum shedding can affect edges disproportionately. New mothers have reported nearly losing their hair lines after giving birth.

6. You are not moisturizing them

When applying product to hair, edges and ends are often overlooked. Make sure you treat both sections with TLC.

7. You have hand-in-hair syndrome

Do you fiddle with your hair when you’re nervous? If you’re in the habit of twirling the hair around your edges, you could be creating bald spots.

8. You are using a brush & gel on your edges

Probably the most obvious reason of all. Brushing your edges after applying gel is a very harsh way to get sleek edges. If you have a strong hair, this might not be an issue for you since your edges can withhold the stress. But if your hair is not strong enough, chances are you are annihilating your edges.

Ladies, have you struggled with thinning edges? What were the causes? Email us at or click the Facebook link at the bottom of your screen and lets talk about it!

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    • Serrita on

      Hello my daughter..Has finger in your head syndrome..Whenever she is resting watching tv or sleeping..She twist her finger around in her hair..Now she is almost blad on one side of her head..It broke of completly and now you can see skin because its so thin..So now its completley short and thin..Will it grow back or do I have to cut the broken edges completely off?

    • Iyi b on

      So useful!!!

    • Emani on

      Hi, I previously ordered an Edge Entity Follicle Stimulant. I am praying that the stimulant works on my thinning and weak edges. I run Track and Field, and I oftentimes go to putting my hair up into a tight puff on the top of my head. I have not realized until recently that putting my hair up so tight, as well as all of the sweat that sticks around my edges, could be the reasons as to my thinning edges. I have only been using Edge Entity for three days now, but I am praying that I will see results soon! Thank you! :)

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