Who would benefit from using products from Edge Entity?

Women and men of all ages and children over the age of 4 are our customers. Whether your hair loss is caused by hairstyles with tension, chemical damage, or even if your hair loss is hereditary or caused by alopecia, we can help with your hair loss. Most of our customers have thinning edges, but a lot of our customers have bald spots in the middle, crown, and nape areas of the scalp also. Currently we’ve had over 100,000 customer purchases, and 50% of our customers are returning customers that loved our products enough to make a second purchase.

Which product should I choose?

The vitamins are ideal for all over hair growth and long term use. The cream is typically used for target problem areas, and quicker results.

Will I break out using the vitamins?

When people get breakouts taking hair vitamins, usually they are sensitive to the biotin and B12. If you have sensitivities to either one of these, you should reconsider taking the vitamins. We have both in our vitamins.

Are the Edge Entity Vitamins safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Please view the list of vitamins included in the Edge Entity capsules and speak with your primary care physician to determine whether Edge Entity Vitamins are safe for usage.

Are the Edge Entity Vitamins safe for children?

The Edge Entity vitamins are intended for adult usage only.

How are these vitamins considered vegan?

Unlike a lot of supplements, our vitamins, don’t contain oyster shells. Many brands either contain lanolin-derived vitamin D, or they come in gelatin capsules or as tablets with non-vegan coatings. Our vitamins don’t contain any of these. Our vitamins are vegan.

Can I use this on my baby?

We do not recommend using any hair care products, whether natural and organic or not, on a child under the age of 4. Prior to the age of 4, children may not have had enough exposure to different substances to be able to determine whether the child has allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients. For example, a child may have not ever been given coconut or peppermint, but may be allergic to it. Edge Entity doesn't want to be the cause of any allergic reactions to minors.

Can I wear braids or wigs while using Edge Entity?

Protective styles are what we love most! However, it is contraindicated to wear any style that will pull or tug on your edges or any other parts of your hair. Box braids, glue, tight ponytails or anything that will cause tension to your hair should be avoided. I know being stylish with our hair is desired, but we have to keep in mind that some of the styles that we love are also some of the causes of our breakage. While treating your hair with Edge Entity, please keep in mind that thinning hair is very fragile. The less tension, the better.

Wigs can be a good protective style as long as glue is not applied directly to the scalp. Be careful to use a stocking cap to protect your hairline. The friction from a wig can cause a thinning hairline if a stocking cap is not used underneath the wig.

Does Edge Entity work on other parts of the hair?

Yes! We put special emphasis on growth of the edges because it is one of the hardest areas to grow. Keep in mind that Edge Entity Follicle stimulant stimulates the follicle from the root, so it doesn't thicken hair that you already have. Instead, you will grow thicker, fuller hair from your scalp. The Edge Entity Hair Growth Vitamins promote all over growth and prevent shedding and breakage.

Does Edge Entity work on men and other areas that grow hair such as beards, eyebrows, and mustaches ?

The Edge Entity Follicle Stimulant and Sir by Edge Entity has been tested on men's mustaches, beards, and thinning areas on men of all ages and have been proven effective. Edge Entity has not shown progress on the "corners" where men tend to lose growth. We are unsure of the reason, but there has been slight success in these areas for men. Men suffering from male pattern baldness at the crown or center of the hair, however, have seen profound success.

Does Edge Entity work for the clinical diagnosis of alopecia?

Results have been seen in persons with alopecia areata, trichotillomania, scarring alopecia, and evening alopecia totalis. Please contact us by email at, text us at 901-390-5536, or stop by our store to speak with us in person for questions about other forms of alopecia.

What happens to my hair once I stop using the product?

When you stop using, the hair remains the same, it doesn't break off or shed. It's YOUR hair. Your only job is to care for it properly when it grows back. After you've achieved your desired growth, you no longer need to use Edge Entity.

What if my follicles are dead?

If you haven't see a dermatologist, trichologist, or physician to view your follicles under a microscope or take a biopsy of an area that grows the follows, then it CANNOT be determined that the follicles are dead. Your stylist or cosmetologist, cannot determine the ability of your follicles to grow hair unless they've performed specialized tests. Visible hair strands may give you a clue that your follicles still have the potential to grow, but if there aren't visible strands of hair, it doesn't mean that your hair cannot grow. You may still be capable of growing hair even if the hair strands are not visible and your area is completely smooth and bald. Sometimes your hair has the potential to grow, but just needs some stimulation to get your growth process started, which is what out product does.

How often should I clean the area?

The best thing to do is avoid any products on the areas that you want to apply Edge Entity. Co washes, leave in conditioners, edge control, and other products may cause buildup on the scalp and clog pores. It's also best to stay away from edge control. If you must use these products, use them during the day, but make sure you cleanse the area and apply Edge Entity at night. A clarifying shampoo is best! You don't have to necessarily shampoo your hair before each use, even if it's just with a towel, just make sure your scalp is clean in the area that you are applying Edge Entity, being that these products clog your pores.

Should I clean the area before using?

Even if you're not putting products on the area where you apply Edge Entity, you still should cleanse the area. I think people forget about dirt, oil and sweat, and they forget that that can also clog the pores and keep your hair from growing. You should be using a clarifying shampoo, and sometimes it's even a good idea to use apple cider vinegar as a detox to cleanse. Simply apply the ACV, let it sit 10 minutes, and then cleanse with your clarifying shampoo.

I don't feel any tingling when I apply the product.

The tingling sensation comes from the peppermint in the product. Most people feel this tingling when they've freshly shampooed their hair, because their pores are open at this time. If you don't feel the tingling it doesn't mean that it isn't working, but please be mindful that it is important to apply the product on to clean scalp. That doesn't mean you have to shampoo your hair before each use, but the product does need a clean foundation to help your hair grow from

Will it work on chemically damaged or color treated hair?

We've seen so many customers with all kind of damage for different reasons, and relaxers and chemical damage has been amongst the highest! My customers with these issues have seen good results with using the product consistently.

Can my iron level affect hair loss?

A lot of of customers, and women in general tend to have issues with their iron levels. We don't include a large dose of iron in our capsule, definitely not the amount that physicians recommend when you have an iron deficiency, but our vitamins contain the amount usually recommended in a dose of a daily multivitamin

Customers with lupus or other autoimmune conditions

-a lot of our customers have had success with autoimmune conditions, which is considered an internal issue, meaning the hair loss was not caused from external damage such as tension damage or chemical damage. However, because autoimmune conditions like lupus is an internal issue affecting your body’s ability to grow hair, we cannot prevent the hair loss, we can only help start new hair growth. We don't guarantee results, because everyone is different, but I do advise that if you'd like to try, try the smaller size in a small area to see how it works for a few weeks. If there is growth, then it is possible to grow the rest of your hair.

What if I don't know if I'm allergic to some of the ingredients in Edge Entity?

Please read our ingredients list in the product description. If you have sensitive skin, It is best to test the product on a small area of your body such as the back of your hand to test for sensitivities. Monitor the area for 24-48 hours. If the area peels, reddens, becomes warm, itchy, or produces any boils or pus, you may be allergic to one of the ingredients. We have a high level of peppermint in our products which causes some tingling. This is normal, but if you find this to be unbearable, please discontinue use of our products. Neither of these reactions have ever happened to anyone using Edge Entity, but people may be allergic or highly sensitive to even the most pure or natural substances.

How long is shipping?

We ship within the first 3-4 business days. Usually customers in the US receive their orders within the first week of purchasing.

International Shipping

We ship internationally through PassPort Shipping Company. Usually International shipments typically take 8 -14 business days to deliver once the order has been fulfilled( 3-4 business day processing). For a more information visit our shipping page here.

Will I be able to get a tracking number? What if I haven’t received a confirmation?

When placing your order, you will receive an automatic confirmation and receipt. When the order is shipped, the tracking number will be sent via email to the email provided. Please be sure to enter the correct email address. If you have not received an email immediately after your purchase, you have entered the wrong email address. Please contact us at and we will change your email address so that you can begin to receive all of your updates.