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Save space AND save on expenses with this miniature sized gift set that includes all of your favorites. We didn't compromise on the quality, these are still your same, great, luxury brand hair care items, but smaller. These are little, but definitely a big deal!

Gift these for the person you love, or keep it for yourself. We all have to treat ourselves. Self-care is the best care. I hope you enjoy these, whether it's to keep while on the go, while traveling, or just to keep a small size close to you whenever you need your favorite hair care products! 


Espresso Growth Oil- 1 ounce, (30 mL)

Follicle Stimulant- 1 ounce (30mL)

Extremely Clarifying Shampoo -4 ounce (120mL)

Deeply Moisturizing Conditioner- 4 ounce (120 mL)

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