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There is nothing more amazing than watching someone else experience an impeccable journey that you’re about to take on yourself. We’ve listed a few of our most amazing customers’ journey with their testimonials! You’re up next. But first, take a look here.



I got a wig installed, and it wasn’t installed properly. When it was time to take the wig off, my edges came out with it! I didn’t even know about your product before this incident! The add randomly popped up on my TL, so I took that as a sign. I took a leap of faith with purchasing your product. I was skeptical at first, but I’m so happy I tried it! I applied the cream every morning/night. I made sure that I applied it to a clean surface every time. (Even if that meant washing my edges). I applied it for a month, consistently! I’m soooo pleased with the results!! This product is a holy grail! I can’t believe this product isn’t in stores. Thank u guys so much!!!!



It just got REAL!!I have been avoiding sharing these pictures...Sharing my journey...Sharing my ugly truth. And at one point, I decided that I wasn’t going to. Because on social media, all of our pictures are supposed to be beautiful. What we post is a reflection of our lives (or maybe just the good parts)...but this IS my reality. After having each of our children, I experienced postpartum shedding, and my hair grew back. But after having Jael last year, I experienced something COMPLETELY different. - I went from having a full head of hair (2nd picture) to (just three months after having her) not having much hair in the front of my head. So I decided to go to the dermatologist where they diagnosed it as Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia or CCCA. It is a form of scarring alopecia on the scalp that results in PERMANENT HAIR LOSS, and is commonly seen in black women. After getting this news, I was devastated, I was ashamed, I was embarrassed, and I felt ugly. - But then I remembered... WAIT A MINUTE! I am a child of God, and no weapon formed against me shall prosper! I decided not to receive the negative news from the doctor, and I began to use my faith, and believe that my hair would be restored, and that it WOULD grow back! About two months later, I came across @edge.entity and decided to try out their product. After getting the diagnosis in November 2019, and after they told me that my hair would not grow back, my hair IS GROWING BACK! - Now I know this may seem small, especially during this time that we are going through right now. But I actually wanted to share this before this whole coronavirus pandemic happened, but I was too afraid. Afraid of what people would think, and afraid of what people would say. But now I share my story, because this is my reality. I share my journey because I don’t want anyone else who may be experiencing this to be ashamed, to be afraid, or to feel ugly. I share my scars, so that the next woman will know that she can heal. This is my testimony!


I used the cream and not the vitamins. My hair was relaxed before so it was a lot of chemical damage, and I did a lot of braids which contributed to this damage. So i made the decision to transition to natural as well which I believed helped with the growth process. I used the cream day and night. I’ve been using edge entity for slightly over 2 months now and here are the results ! Absolutely amazing! You’d probably tell the before and after in an instant. Thanks so much for your help!


Honestly the way I used your product was probably 2 times a month because I would get my wigs made and they would be glued on, so I always had to wait until it was time to get it done to apply the cream to my scalp. So within 4 months I used probably not even half of a 2 oz. Jar on my scalp and let it sit overnight with no scarf or anything. Every two weeks is how often I would apply it. I have only bought the cream and will be buying the vitamins later this week. - Thank you again for creating this product. I've also tried the steroid injections for my hair, it worked but the side effects was not worth it. Your product is the only product that has ever helped my alopecia, I honestly gave up after using the shots. Your product gave me life and the ability to share my story with the world and Embrace my situation.


It's me again! I’m still seeing more progress! I still get so many messages from the time y’all posted me and I’m here to say it’s still working for me! It’s not an overnight quick fix but I’m still seeing growth! I’ll take small breaks in between usage and I’ve never experienced breakage! When I got loc extensions, I started back using it heavily to make sure the tension doesn’t make my hair weak and I’m so pleased! I hope y’all make this product forever! I’ve shared pictures before and women didn’t believe it was me or messaged asking if it really works and I want to just ask that you NEVER stop making this product! I’ve used this since September and I have seen leaps and bounds in my growth! Now I don’t use it every day like I did initially but I still use the product 2-3 times a week to continue to see more progress and overall growth all over and I have not been disappointed! Initially I washed the area every day, never used any edge control and applied twice a day to see initial growth. Now, I’m a little more relaxed since I’ve never lost any of the growth without every day use. Thank you all so much! I now have locs and have so much growth! You’ve given me confidence to wear my hair!


This beard has filled in very neatly within only 30 days using our Sir Cream from our men's collection.


My daughter is 6 and has long beautiful hair that she can’t seem to keep her hands out of. She never had weave in her hair and I always tried to protect her edges when I braid her hair down. One day while I was at work, she decided she wanted to take loose her own braids and ended up popping the whole 2 braids in the front using the wrong comb which cause a big spot of hair lost. I tried everything I can find to help try and grow back until I ran across Edge entity let’s just say it’s been 12 days and boom!!!! Super excited to finish the whole jar!”


I used cream only (no vitamins yet) twice daily for almost 3 weeks at the time of the photo. I wash my hair every 2 weeks and stopped using gel/edge control. Seriously... I wasn't super confident that I would experience the amazing results that are displayed on your IG... I just want to say THANK youuu! My edges have always been thin due to TIGHT braids, lace front wigs, etc. And post partum hair loss made me want to cry... The photos show almost 3 weeks of progress with Edge Entity & a protective style.

Tension Damage from Knotless Braids

4 weeks ago was only August. What are your October hair growth goals? I wonder if you’d grow this much hair by the end of October if you tried using the Edge Entity Follicle Stimulant 🧖🏾‍♀️✨ Shop now 👉🏾 Edge Entity Follicle Stimulant-1 month supply

Postpartum hair loss

I had this condition and I had hair loss following both of my pregnancies. In HUGE patches. At some point my whole “widow’s peak” vanished together with my edges. I couldn’t do a ponytail because I had no edges. I finally tried this, edge entity. I could cry. It gave me back my self esteem, confidence, and my HAIR. I will most likely continue using this for life, in case it ever comes back. I can’t thank you enough!

Damage from wearing crochet braids

I’ve been using the product on my 14yr old daughters hair. I apply the product once before school and once before bed. Before I applied the product 1st time I washed her hair and deep conditioned then every day and night applied to the scalp area(No edge control or other oils were used). I only sprayed water and aloe Vera juice mixed in a spray bottle to the area before applying twice a day for moisture. The damage was caused by wearing tight crochet braids which pulled in the front which created the traction alopecia. I was skeptical about the product but gave it a shot and I’m glad I did. The spot in the front is growing back in beautifully.


I started using your product because my temples broke off after doing wash and go’s for almost a year (also being anemic doesn’t help one bit) and a half and I never noticed until I wanted to start wearing my hair in ponytails. I’ve tried castor oil, Wild growth oil, pure vitamin e oil, and Argan oil with no luck. Your product kept popping up on my Instagram feed and everytime I got ready to buy I said I’m not paying that much for it to not work. But I told myself out of everything that I’ve been using they equal more all together than what I’m going to pay for this jar. So I bought it and I’m just very thankful that I didn’t take go overboard with the pics because I would have quit. My hair is so fine and I’m sure you can tell by the pictures that I couldn’t even tell my edges were growing in. I took a pic this morning, just to see what my puff looked like and when I saw my edges I was beyond amazed! I will forever use this product and I thank God for giving you the knowledge to put this combination together to help us women out!!!! God Bless You!!!! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽— @naturally_loving_me


Your products are Life!!🙌🏽 I have had thin edges my whole life and I have done the big chop several times after coloring my hair and BABII since using your products deez curls are POPPIN my hair is soft and my flatirons are so full of life! I have told everyone how amazing your products are. Thank you and may God continue to bless your hands🙏🏽 pictures of breakage from braids and progress with using your products.


After initially being pulled out by a patient at work about 3 years ago ( I am a mental health nurse) to the constant weaves and braids after. Then more drastically I had eczema on my hairline whilst I had a weave and made the mistake of using a towel to rub my edges so I could put E45 on them not knowing how it was ruining my edges. I decided to stop having weaves and braids. I purchased your product applying it 2x a day on my edges as instructed and long behold they are back?! So happy.

Stress Related Hair Loss

Prior to using the product. My damage came from stress. I always did use good hair techniques like sulfate free products( Crème of Nature) has been my go to in order to keep my curl pattern. I've been natural for 12yrs now. I washed my hair prior to applying the Stimulant to make sure it was clean of all residue. I take the vitamins as instructed( 2 tablets daily) and same for the Stimulant small finger tip amount just on the edges in the morning and night. Im not using any other products on my hair right now during this process( Except Creme of Nature Pure Honey to shampoo and condition)to see my results without any additional help. Healthy eating also can contribute to the extremely fast results. I do not eat meat (4yrs) or Dairy (1yr) I drink coconut water and lots of hot

2 months growth and still growing

Most of the times hair loss similar to this in the crown area is not caused by damage, but instead is caused by other internal issues like autoimmune conditions, alopecia, medications, stress, and can even be hereditary! Are you experiencing this kind of hair loss? If so, we can help! Our hair care specialists are available between 10am-6pm via our 1800 number or at our storefront location in Bartlett/Memphis, TN. Call us now or stop by! Our address and phone number is in our bio.

Alopecia areata/ Traction alopecia

My damage was due to a lot of tension and trauma which resulted in alopecia areata. I was consistent with the product for about three weeks, applying it twice a day. With going back to work, it was hard to apply it consistently so some days I didn’t apply it. After three weeks I noticed my nape felt a lot thicker! So I took a picture to see and noticed my bald spot was filling in! I will start using consistently after seeing these results. Thank you so much Edge Entity!!

Thank you for the great product. God bless you all.

I just want to share these amazing results on my hair after using your product for 3 months. Added this every morning and night here are the results. Thank you for the great product. God bless you all.

Hair loss due to assault

Back in January I was assaulted really back and got my hair pulled up BAD as you can see. I was down and sad and thought I would NEVER be able to grow my hair back. Luckily, a friend has mentioned you guys product to me and let me tell you, it has done WONDERS for my hair. Even with my hair growing back, I still continue to use it , god bless you guys for changing people lives. Now I can wear my sleek ponytails🤣

Postpartum Hair Loss

Just wanted to say this stuff works so well. After having my baby, I lost so much of my hair in my temples that I was getting self conscious about it. My hair loss was due to postpartum hormone changes and also because I’m in the military so I always have to have my hair up and I was finding it hard to find ways of covering it up. Luckily, one day I googled how to grow my hair back and your product showed up. I applied the cream every other night when I washed my hair. I would dab my finger and get about a dime size and apply it to my temples and just lightly rub it in. I’m pretty impressed with the results I’ve gotten in just one month.

Thinning due to tension of Locs

Okay, After having dread locs for a while the constant twisting got my hair line got thinner and thinner until I cut everything off. I rocked my short hair for a while, then relaxed it but for nothing this spot would grow.I kept cutting it in a boy cut hoping eventually it would all grow together if I'm not pulling or brushing it. I tried everything, even whipped up my own concoction several times before discovering your page. Now I live in the Caribbean (Trinidad) and my boyfriend lives New York, so after referring him to your page several times he decided to surprise me on his last visit. His exact words were " I'm tired of seeing that spot" lol. Now i am a walking testimony no longer afraid to wear my natural hair. Thank you

Hair loss due to glue from wigs

I lost my edges and a lot more from wearing wigs that weren’t properly installed. I’ve used edge entity twice daily since I received the jar and within a week I began to see progress. By the end of the first month, I already needed a touch up on my braids due to the hair growing back so fast.

Chemical damage from bleaching

I have never had edges so I wore wigs and the last straw was when I got my hair colored and it started coming out probably because she didn’t rinse the color out well enough and it was falling out. I have been natural for about 11years. No perms but I did use color. I stopped coloring my hair last year. Then I ordered edge stimulant this year and decided to cut my hair let my scalp breathe in June. I cut the color out of my hair and used your product with black castor oil. I am so happy I have edges.

Postpartum Hair Loss

Hello! I’ve been a customer for several years now and I finally took before and after pictures. The pics below are after I gave birth and took down a protective style. Postpartum shedding and tension alopecia really did a number on my edges but using edge entity once again brought me back. I just use my fingertips to dab it on my edges then rub into my hair. I wasn’t very consistent. I did miss days here and there lol. I wasn’t even consistent in my use but I plan to continue using this great product. Thank you!

This is 4 WEEKS of growth

This is 4 WEEKS of growth using our Follicle Stimulant Cream😍🙌🏾 4 weeks of consistency, patience, and discipline!! No one said growing your hair would be easy but the outcome is INCREDIBLE!!•

Damage from chemical burn

A couples of years ago I got a chemical burn from a relaxer which resulted in my hair lost on my temples. My nape was a result of tight ponytails. I apply the cream in the morning and at night. Before I put the cream on I clean the are with a damp cloth. I’ve using the cream for a couple of months now and I love my results.