How To Use Edge Entity 28-11-2019

Application of Edge Entity Follicle Stimulant is simple!

It was created to enhance the development of areas of the hair that are most difficult to grow, such as bald spots and thinning edges, and for overall hair growth. This product is safe for men, women and children, and even effective on beards for men. Use this product consistently 1-2 times daily and you will see the changes and effects very quickly. Most consumers have seen results within 1-3 weeks.

To apply:

Dispense a very small amount onto one fingertip.
Apply to CLEAN scalp or thinning area.

    *Remember that your scalp does not have to be cleaned prior to each use. You don't necessarily have to shampoo your hair daily, however, if edge control, gels, or any other substances are used in the areas to apply Edge Entity, clean those areas first. The product will not work on clogged pores. Even co-washes, moisturizers and leave in conditioners can clog the pores. The scalp should be free of any substances. Dab gently. Massaging too vigorously is not necessary. Thinning areas are already very fragile.

    Take pictures to note your progress at the end of each week.You will be amazed at how even the most stubborn areas will begin to grow!

    This product is, however, oil based.

    It is dispensed as a thin creamy substance (resembling conditioner) and then dissolves into an oily substance which dries after time. Please note than an oil based product may cause oiliness to hair, including extensions or units that may touch your scalp during the use of this product. It is recommended to tie a thin hair band (preferably satin or silk, but cotton is fine) around the area at night to prevent any other hair from getting oily and to prevent excess oil from getting onto pillows. Thank you for trusting Edge Entity with your hair needs. I'm just as excited as you are, now let's get started!