There are over 100 prescription medications that are known to be associated with hair loss.


❇️ Here’s how we want to help:

You NEED most of these medications, but you also don’t want to experience hair loss while taking them right?

Most of our customers that come to our store have experienced hair loss related to medication more than any other reason.

It is important for doctors and patients to be aware of common hair loss risk factors, such as heredity/genetics, as well as other triggers for thinning or shedding hair. At Edge Entity, we want to keep you informed so that you’ll know the reason for your hair loss, while also helping you grow your hair back.

Our products in our Edge Entity Hair Growth System all have ingredients that help restore your hair back to health.

Our owner is a nurse, and our team is trained to answer any of your questions. KEEP IN MIND THAT HAIR GROWTH IS NOT GUARANTEED. Let us know if you have any! We’re here!